October 24, 2020  |  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Long Point Ranch
8200 Whaley-Long Point Rd.
Richmond, TX 77469 (directions)

Bobcat patch

New Scout Adventure Day is for new Cub Scouts. Activities will include rocket launching, archery, crafts, outdoor activities and more!  Youth who join Cub Scouts will receive a rocket that they can design, build, and launch at Rocket Day. Youth in kindergarten through fifth grade who are interested in joining Scouting may also attend. We will help you find a pack near you and get signed up for Scouting. New Scouts can attend any Rocket Launch Day event in the council that fits their schedule


There is no charge. Please RSVP so we have an engine reserved for your Scout.

Register (opens in August)     Event Feedback

*Rocket Days held in Thunder Wolf, Orion, Phoenix/Iron Horse and San Jacinto Districts.

What to Bring


  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Camp chair
  • Rain gear, if needed
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Extra engine (rockets can be shot more than once if time allows)

*Medical Record: We require all participants to bring an Annual Health and Medical Record to every Scouting event. The Scouting adventures, camping trips, and having fun are important to everyone in Scouting—and so is your safety and well-being. Completing the Annual Health and Medical Record is the first step in making sure you have a great Scouting experience. Completing a health history promotes health awareness, collects necessary data, and provides medical professionals critical information needed to treat a patient in the event of an illness or injury. It also provides emergency contact information. Please download the form and have the form with you at all Scouting events for every member of your family. 

^Closed toed shoes are highly recommended for all Scouting events. Many of our outdoor venues have snakes and sticks that can injure toes. Many of our activities include active games, so shoes that Scouts can run in (e.g., tennis shoes) are recommended.

Extra Rockets 

Scouts may bring extra rockets (e.g., for a sibling who is a returning Scout) and engines. The rocket must be a skill level 0 to 2 and the engine must be an A or B class engine.

Packs may purchase additional rockets for returning Scouts in bulk from Brad McClain (brad@paulssupplies.com) or the local Scout Shop.  Allow two weeks for delivery.

Individuals may purchase additional rockets and motor engines at the local Scout Shop or Hobby Lobby.

If Scouts bring their own rocket(s), the rocket should be built prior to arrival at the launch site and they must provide their own appropriate class A or B rocket engine. Remember that only adults are allowed to handle the engines.  Ensure that you review the rocket kit instructions and select the recommended engine size.  

Watch this video for a very good briefing on prepping rockets prior to launch:  https://youtu.be/hC6evC1N05c.

Rocket Launch Safety

The safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees is an important part of the Scouting experience. 

Only adults are allowed to handle or load rocket motors. Adults should always closely supervise ALL rocketry building, launching, and recovery activities.

National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Safety Code and other safety guidelines will be followed: 

  • Launch safety – countdowns, 15-foot safety circle
  • Launchers – End of launch rod must be above eye level.
  • Launch site – 200-foot open area required for a type B engine; monitor wind and dry grass conditions
  • Every rocket should be safety inspected prior to launch.
  • If a rocket misfires or does not launch, be sure to wait a minimum of 30 seconds before approaching it.
  • Lightning, winds, or any adverse weather should immediately stop the launch.
  • Recovery safety – Do not attempt recovery from power lines, tall trees, etc.
  • In case of inclement weather, the launch will be rescheduled.

About Long Point Ranch

Long Point Ranch is located just down the road from Brazos Bend State Park on approximately 1100 acres designated for charitable use activities and serves as headquarters for The James B Harrison Foundation benefiting the citizens of Fort Bend and Wharton Counties. 

The property is a venue for organizations involved in education and research for land and wildlife conservation, appreciation of nature, and sustainability. With a variety of wildlife habitats on our properties, including wetlands, flooded timber, ponds of varying depths, mature hardwood forests, and a rookery where one can find a variety of birds nesting throughout the day, nature walks and bird watching are popular activities. Camping and Eagle Scout projects are also welcome.

Long Point Ranch 
8200 FM 1994, Richmond, TX 77469 (across from the Davis Estates Rd/WCA entrance)

From Rosenberg

Take HWY 36 S towards Needville. Turn left at FM 361 heading to Fairchilds. Continue on FM 361 approximately 7.1 miles until red-blinking lights and turn left onto FM 1994 (Whaley-Long Point Rd.). Take FM 1994 roughly ½ a mile and utilizing the middle turn lane, turn left at the double gate limestone drive. The drive (on left) is immediately before the WCA Landfill entrance on right.

From Richmond / Sugar Land / Houston -

Route 1 – Crabb River Road: Take HWY 59 S and exit at TX-99 / FM 2759 (Crabb River Rd.). Turn left onto FM 2759 and continue on FM 2759 (Crabb River Rd.) approximately 1.75 miles until light at FM 762. Continue straight through light and follow FM 762 roughly 8.8 miles (continue past the George Ranch and Brazos Bend State Park). After passing the sign for the left turn at FM 762 for Brazos Bend State Park, continue straight on FM 1994 3.2 miles and immediately after the left turn for the WCA Landfill entrance, turn right at the double gate limestone drive. Follow the drive in.

Route 2 – FM 2977: From HW 59 take FM 762 towards Thompsons. Turn right on FM 2977 (Minonite Rd.) and continue on FM 2977 approximately 7.9 miles to the end where it T’s at FM 361. Turn left at FM 361 towards Fairchilds. Continue on FM 361 5.4 miles until you reach the red-blinking light and turn left onto FM 1994 (Whaley-Long Point Rd.). Take FM 1994 roughly ½ a mile and utilizing the middle turn lane, turn left at the double gate limestone drive. The drive (on left) is immediately before the WCA Landfill entrance on right.

From Wharton/Boling/Needville 

Take FM 442 towards HWY 36. Turn right at HWY 36. Follow HWY 36 2.9 miles and turn left at yellow-blinking light FM 1994 Junction onto FM 1994. Continue 3.9 miles till FM 1994 makes a 90 degree left turn and immediately turn right at the red-blinking lights staying on FM 1994. Take FM 1994 roughly ½ a mile and utilizing the middle turn lane, turn left at the double gate limestone drive. The drive (on left) is immediately before the WCA Landfill entrance on right.


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Scouting Safely

Safety is Your Responsibility posterThe BSA's Commitment to Safety is ongoing and we want you to know that the safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees cannot be compromised. BSA Guide to Safe Scouting policies must be followed and all participants must follow youth protection guidelines at all Scouting events. Highlights include:

  • Two-deep leadership on all outings required.  
  • No one-on-one contact between adults and youth members. 
  • The buddy system should be used at all times. 
  • Discipline must be constructive.

Youth Protection Guidelines     Guide to Safe Scouting     Enterprise Risk Management


For questions, contact the New Scout Adventure Day chair or district activities chair.