Scout Roundup Booth Sign-up

Scout Roundup is held during October roundtable

Troops and crews are invited to set up a display and meet prospective Scouts.  Booths will be set up on one side of designated hallways in an exhibitor type arrangement. Units can bring their own table or request one. Units will be responsible for setting up their own table and returning borrowed tables to the designated location.  

Displays should be set up by 7:15 pm. Units should bring handouts for prospective Scouts as well as sign-up sheets.

The district membership committee will be publicizing the event to middle and high school students and Webelos Scouts. Current Scouts are encouraged to use peer to peers (crew peer cards) to invite friends. For more information about peer cards, contact Steve Hillin.  

Presentations will be made by district leaders about Scouts BSA and Webelos Woods. The presentations will cover the aims of Scouting, expectations, the importance of Scouting as a  journey and not a destination and more.

Please make sure that information about your unit is correct on (update and on the district website (corrections can be sent to the webmaster).

Booth Sign-up